My Blog Statistics for 2013

I’ve spent the evening digging into Google Analytics and I thought I’ll share some stats from the year that’s gone by. But first I would like to thank you all for visiting my blog.

My most popular blog post (based on visits):
Animated Submit Buttons

.. and second most popular blog post was:
How to maintain the end state in a CSS Animation

Looking at some numbers …

New vs Returning Visitors
Returning: 71,81%
New: 28,19%

Channels (visits)
1. (not set): 54.83%
2. Organic Search: 17.18%
3. Direct: 16.22%
4. Social: 10.62%
5. Referral: 1.16%

Top 5 Countries (visits)
1. Sweden
2. United States
3. United Kingdom
4. Italy
5. Germany

Top 5 Browsers (all versions)
1. Chrome
2. Safari
3. Firefox
4. Internet Explorer
5. Android Browser

No surprises here really. But as a side note, I can mention that 48% of my visitors didn’t have Flash installed. Not bad …

And that’s that, a brief summary of my blog stats for 2013. Now I’m looking forward to 2014.

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