iOS Development Part 2

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks working my way through the ‘Swift Collections and Control Flow’ course over at Treehouse, and besides that I’ve worked on my app. Basically just to put my knowledge into practise.

The app is still very simple and I haven’t added any new features really, other than it now uses a TableView to present the items and the delete button is gone. Instead, I’ve added functionality that lets you swipe to delete an item.

The app might be simple, but I can’t say that its been simple to build. One thing that had me lost was figuring out the difference in using a UITableView within a UIViewController instead of just a UITableViewController. And to answer that question I’ll make it simple by linking to this thread over at Stack Overflow.

Another issue I had was that the text that I entered never showed up in the list. I could see that they got stored in the array, but for some reason they wouldn’t show up. But the solution wasn’t far away. I solved it by reloading the UITableView each time an item was added.

    @IBAction func addTask(sender: AnyObject) {

And last but not least. During the development process I experienced the iOS Simulator to be slow, really slow. I didn’t understand why, and my first guess was that I was running to many programs at a time and that my computer couldn’t cope. But after some searches on google it turned out that I’ve mistakenly hit cmd-t which apparently enabled slow-motion animations. :)

iOS Development Part 1

There hasn’t been much coding lately, there’s basically been too much other things todo. But I haven’t been completely away from the text editor, or too be more specific, the IDE. As you may know I’ve been working myself through the JavaScript courses over at, but since a couple of month back, I took a break from JavaScript and switched focus to some iOS development instead. Xcode (the IDE) and Swift (the language) is a completely new environment for me, so it’s been challenging.

So far I’ve only scratched the surface and I haven’t been able to create anything of value other than a really simple todo-list app.

My first ever iOS App in production.

Next step is to dive into the Swift 2.0 course and then try to add some features to the todo list app.