It’s Time to dig Into Preprocessors

With less then 50 days left of the year I’ve set up a new goal. It’s time to start digging into preprocessors, in this case I’ve choosen Sass with Compass and my goal is to be able to create a decent demo by the end of the year. I’ll try to devote as much time as possible, but to be honest I’ll most probably not have the time to code every day. But that’s not the point really, the main reason is to learn something new and having this goal is a great start.

What I’ve done so far …
I used the Terminal (OSX) to set things up, but in retrospect, I realize it might of been smarter to use an application instead. Basically because I’m not comfortable with the Terminal and even if it’s fairly easy with the help of a guide, the application alternatives sounds more efficient. But hey, I got things up and running and that’s the main thing.

Besides this, I’ve been reading through the Sass Documentation, fiddling around with some code examples, basically just to get a grip of what it’s all about.

It’s now 48 days left …

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